Investment Schedule for Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce

$175.00 Annually – Financial Institutions and Business or Corporations with over 200 employees.

$150.00 Annually – Businesses or Corporations with over 100 but less then 200 employees.

$125.00 Annually – Businesses or Corporations with over 25 but less then 100 employees.

$100.00 Annually – Businesses or Corporations with less than 25 employees or self-employed individuals.

$30.00 Annually – Other not-for-profit organizations, associations, civic clubs, and other groups with memberships.

$25.00 Annually – For individuals and interested persons that are not presently business owners or proprietors or representatives thereof.  This is a non-voting status and these individuals will not be eligible to hold an elected office on the Board of Directors.  They will also receive the monthly newsletter and any other mailings made by the Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce.

Benefactors Category:  Any business or individual who donates above and beyond their investment schedule amount.  The Benefactors will be recognized in a special category listing.

Membership Year is from January 1st to December 31st.