The Biggest Loser Community Challenge


An exciting, national wellness initiative is launching across the country in February and our community is invited to join the MOVEment! NBC and The Biggest Loser are launching The Biggest Loser Community Challenge in February. This Company vs Company competition invites teams of four to join an eight-week, online health & wellness community challenge. The challenge is for companies of all sizes (no limit to the amount of teams you can sign up!) and people of all fitness levels. It is designed to get our community moving, eating better and having fun!

“This challenge is for everyone. No matter what your goals are you’ll find something in it to help you achieve your next level of fitness.” Dolvett Quince – Biggest Loser and Community Challenge Trainer

Businesses are encouraged to register teams of employees to represent their company in the challenge. For only $100 for a team of four, this exciting wellness offering is an affordable and fun way to kick start the new year for employees.

Past contestants of The Biggest Loser will guide teams through eight weekly challenges. Challengers will also receive weekly motivation and nutrition tips from trainer, Dolvett Quince. Participants will earn points for each minute of activity they engage in, as well as additional points for completing weekly tasks and logging additional challenge activities designed to improve nutrition and overall wellness. Each participant will have access to their own private wellness account and mobile app, where they will journal challenge activities, access weekly health guidance and keep their eye on friends and competitors on live leaderboards. The focus of the challenge is not on weight loss and all personal information, including weight, is completely private. WARNING: Side effects may include weight loss!

Prize draws will be made each week, with over 10,000 prizes to be won across the country, including trips to LA to see the Finale live! More information, registration and key dates can be found online at:

Healthy People. Healthy Companies. Healthy Communities!