Why Join?

The overall goal of the Chamber is to promote and encourage increased business, as well as offering an opportunity for its members to network with one another and sometimes just have fun. We would be pleased to have you join us in our efforts.

NETWORKING: This is the key to a successful business. Word of mouth contacts account for 75 – 80% of business referrals.  The Chamber is an excellent place to Network.  You will meet and be in personal contact with all types of area businesses through meetings and activities, broadening your resources. Our newsletter goes out to all members, and new businesses are highlighted as to their products and services for all the members to see. The Chambers goal is to keep business with our local merchants.  When members are familiar with your business, they feel comfortable giving referrals to persons who are looking for what you are providing.

REFERRALS: All calls coming into the Chamber of Commerce Office, asking for specific products and services, are referred to Chamber Members. Where else can you get that kind of advertising?  If you provide us with specifics, we can pass them on to callers.

We send out hundreds of relocation packets and vacation packets each year. Member businesses that provide us with written flyers or information will have them included in these packets. Again, it is great advertising when you are recommended by the Chamber of Commerce to new arrivals to the area. Guess who they will call?

WEB SITES: Membership automatically puts you on our web site (https://versailleschamber.com), which is tied to the Convention & Visitors Bureau. Thousands of people access these web sites each year. Viewers click on your name on the web site and open your own personal page with all your pertinent information, such as fees, services, and location. We also distribute area scheduled activities, school athletic events, and other promotional information.

Look at it all. Where can you get so much promotion for your business at such a reasonable price?  We aren’t all work though; we have fun doing our annual events from the Apple Festival to our Old Fashioned Christmas and much more.

Can you think of a good reason why you shouldn’t join? If you have additional questions, feel free to call the Chamber Office at 378-4401 or email info@versailleschamber.com If you are ready to join, just fill out the application, attach your membership fee, and join the fun.